Jelley's Vodka Product Shoot

You may remember that last week I shot some Headshots for Ben Jelley, founder of Jelley's Vodka - and afterwards we discussed a product shoot for his brand new bottle design. After some back and forth, we decided on a simple black background and a minimal, clean look to the photos. We met up one evening and travelled from Leicester to a quaint independent coffee shop. brasserie and cocktail lounge in Market Harborough called Louisa's Place - stopping only to pick some elderflower from one of the many roadside bushes on the way. This soon proved to be a poor move; on a day when pollen was already rife, we arrived snivelling hayfever ridden  hulls of our former selves!

Jelley's Vodka bottle
Jelley's Vodka Martini


Once inside, we found a nook away from the windows to create a portable studio set up, using three softboxes, a black backdrop, some acrylic, and a lot of tracing paper to give a nice gradient across the glass. Here's some of the shots we came up with!

Jelley's Vodka

In the shot above we used a mixture of glycerin and water in a spray bottle to create the water droplets on the vodka bottle and the glasses, for a frosted, straight out of the freezer look. 

Aside from the debilitating nasal drippings, I was really happy with how well the shoot went - if you want to know more about Jelley's Vodka, you can find them at Foxton Locks Festival today and tomorrow. To book a product shoot, or to get a quote, get in touch using our contact page.