Freelance Wedding Photography in The Midlands

So you've taken on one too many bookings this wedding season. Perhaps it's a larger wedding than you're used to, or the groom is getting ready 200 miles from the bride. Maybe your usual second shooter isn't quite up to scratch, or can't make it and you're looking for a replacement.

As I only take on 12-15 of my own wedding bookings every year, I tend to have a few weekends available to second shoot or freelance each wedding season. I have my own equipment (Canon and Sony), transport, and a heck of a lot of experience shooting all sort of weddings and pre-wedding events. I've also shot at most of the wedding venues around Leicester and the Midlands area, so chances are that I'm familiar with where we're going to be on the day. I can shoot stills or video, and have a range of high end professional cameras and lighting, modifiers, video equipment and sound equipment that allow me to provide you with the best possible coverage. I pride myself on my location lighting skills and enjoy making rather dull scenes look punchy and interesting using lighting and creative angles.

Second Shooting

I'm lucky enough to second shoot weddings for a number of great photographers/video production companies every year, and also be the lead shooter for a couple of video production companies that offer photography. Whilst my own style is to shoot with a shallow depth of field in a documentary/photo-journalistic manner, I can adapt my way of shooting to compliment yours.

On the day I'm punctual, well dressed, polite to guests and will provide you with roughly 50-70 really nice images per hour. It works best if we shoot on your cards which I can return to you at the end of the day, but if needed I can shoot on my own cards and we'll transfer them when we finish. If we don't get a chance to back them up or transfer them on the day, I'll back them up securely, just as I would do with my own images, for up to one month for you to come and collect them. The rates below include transport within Leicestershire. For events further afield, mileage will be charged at £0.25 per mile.

I won't promote (or even mention) my own business, use any of the images taken on social media or on my website without permission, and I'm more than happy to take a bunch of business cards off you and give them out when people ask. 

Camera Assistant

Whilst I'm fully capable of shooting and directing myself, if you would prefer for me to take the back seat as an assistant or talking light stand, I'm happy to do so too. I have a good working knowledge of lighting techniques and terminology, as well as lots of hands on experience with the Godox and Profoto brand of lights so if you tell me that you want Rembrant lighting with a hard rim to camera left, I'm able to set it up in a jiffy. I'm also very familiar with multiple camera systems and lenses so won't have a problem whatever brand you're using.


My rates include the use of my equipment - should you want me to bring something in particular, please let me know before the date.

Primary Shooter (up to 10 hours) - £500

Second shooter (6-12 hours) - £330

Second Shooter (<6 Hours) - £250.00

Hourly rate (minimum 3 hours) - £50ph

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