Time to reflect

So in amongst all the weddings and studio work we've been doing recently, I managed to grab an afternoon with my good friend Alex to take some natural light portraits using what's fast becoming one of my favourite lenses - the Canon 85mm 1.8 and the gold side of a standard 55" 5-in-1 reflector.

The shoot was pretty impromptu and we didn't really plan anything other than to meet up and take some photos. The two photos above were taken seconds apart  using only very slightly different shutter speeds and changing the angle the reflector. In the shot on the left, the reflector was placed just to camera left and aimed at around two feet to the right of Alex. For the shot on the right, we raised the reflector so that the centre was at eye level and angled it so that it was pointing a foot to the right of the model. It was a bit chilly on the way back and Alex donned her fur trimmed parka coat - leading onto a conversation about how good fur looked when backlit, and, as a natural progression, our mutual love of bubblegum. So before parting ways, we set up a couple of lights and took this fun photo using a beauty dish above her and pointed at 45 degrees downwards, a reflector below her, and two 1m x 1m softboxes as backlights: