Natural Light Shoot

Last week we made the most of a wonderful spring day by shooting outside with Deimante. This shoot was supposed to be an available light shoot but I couldn't help bringing the strobes out towards the end of the evening. Here's some of what we got up to:

If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know that I love shooting around the Newalk area of Leicester- every time I shoot there we seem to find a new stunning location or a patch of beautiful soft shade. Sometimes the most unlikely locations can yield the best results when you're shooting at such a shallow depth of field and the background melts into creamy bokeh!

All of these photos were shot using Canon's 85mm 1.8 lens and a large circular reflector on axis with the camera. I used a nifty trick I found somewhere on the internet where a hole is cut out of the middle of the reflector to shot through and found the results were pretty similar to a ring flash. It's fairly hard to communicate with the model when all she can see is a big shining disc, but the catch light and the way that this set-up illuminates the eyes made this small inconvenience worthwhile. For some behind the scenes shots be sure to check out our Instagram.

We love shooting with available light, be it for modelling work, headshots, or corporate portraits, so if you fancy a photoshoot with a more natural feel, get in touch here.

Thanks for reading!