Wedding Photography Bucket List

Planning anything on my wedding photography bucket list? Get in touch!

I'm sure every one of you has a bucket list of things that you would like to do, see or experience. For me it's a bucket list of places I want to shoot and things I would like to photograph! I've photographed a lot of weddings in my time as a photographer, and have been lucky enough to tick off a fair few things of my list, but there's always something or somewhere new that inspires me, so I've put them all in one place. I've loved every wedding I've shot over the last 7 years, but here's a list of things I'd REALLY like to shoot! If your wedding ticks any of these boxes, get in touch and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!


The Bucket List

Each item has a one time offer so get yours in before someone else does! I'll update the list as it get's ticked off!

Unique weddings

  • A Same sex marriage 
  • A Humanist ceremony
  • An Outdoor wedding
  • An Elopement (Scotland, Iceland, heck even Gretna Green; there's something crazy romantic about a couple running away to get married)
  • A Star Wars themed wedding 
  • A Steampunk wedding - Andeep and Vikash, you smashed it!
  • An Art-deco themed wedding
  • A Literary themed wedding
  • A Yurt/tee-pee wedding
  • A retro-gaming themed wedding


Who doesn't love travel? When I can combine my two favourite things; exploring new places and photographing weddings and engagement shoots, you'll receive my gratitude in the form of an exclusive discount! Are you planning a destination wedding or engagement shoot in any of the following places?

  • A mountain-top wedding
  • A wedding at the Space Centre in Leicester
  • A wedding at Normanton Church in Rutland
  • A wedding or engagement shoot in Venice, Italy
  • A wedding or engagement shoot in Iceland (the country NOT the supermarket!)
  • A wedding in the Czech RepublicThanks Miro!
  • A wedding in the Scottish Highlands
  • A wedding at one of Italy's beautiful lakes
  • An engagement shoot in Portugal
  • An engagement shoot in Morocco
  • An outdoor wedding ceremony in a forest

I also offer a 15% discount for those working in the emergency services (thanks for everything you do!) If you can help me cross something else off the bucket list or are planing something else unique that you think deserves to be on the bucket list, contact me and we'll talk!

If you have a friend or relative that's eloping or eligible for any of the discounts, why not share this with them?