50's Pin-Up Shoot

A little while ago we shot a 50's pin-up style set with the wonderful Krissy Smith. You may recognise Krissy from the 'Variety is the (Sugar and) Spice of Life' post a couple of weeks back. Another pin-up shoot had been on the cards for some time after the fun of my shoot with Tickety Boo last year, and with her love of all things vintage and 50's, Krissy was the perfect choice. With it being bang in the middle of wedding season and only a couple of weeks before Krissy was hosting her own burlesque show, there wasn't a huge amount of time for planning or scouting out the locations before-hand, but we hung onto the fact that we both work best in spontaneous and impromptu situations!

Although shooting in a studio allows you complete control of the light, nothing gets the creative juices flowing like the challenges and surprises that shooting on location inevitably throws up! We shot in three different locations; a dimly lit roller rink, a busy bowling alley, and outside a 50's diner. The costume was all the model's own, except for the hairpiece which was generously provided by the wonderful Laura of Victory Roll's Hair Parlour, whom I would also like to thank for doing such a stellar job on the hair and make-up!

The colours and settings were chosen to represent the slightly surreal and exaggerated elements of the original 50's pin-up style, and the sets and poses were largely inspired by the work of Gill Elvgren.

You can find out more about Victory Rolls Hair Parlour at their website or facebook page, and if you would like to see more of Krissy, check out her facebook page. To book a shoot get in touch via our Contact page, thanks for reading!