Menswear Fashion Shoot for NOIR Magazine

So pleased that I can finally share some of the images from this menswear fashion photoshoot for NOIR Magazine with you all! 

As the only time that everyone was free was midday and they wanted to take photos on location (outdoors), the shoot provided a very challenging strong midday sun. The flash sync speed of the 6d made it impossible to block out the ambient light, so instead, we decided to embrace it and ditch the flashes as a key light in exchange for the sun as our key and a reflector to provide some fill into the shadows. 

The location we used is the demolished bus depot in the centre of Leicester. As well as the still standing signage, the area has been adorned with some fairly impressive street art, and we were lucky enough to find a mural that matched the clothing that our model Oli was wearing. 

The above shot was taken using only natural light - a scrim just out of frame camera right and a reflector, held by the wonderful director of the shoot Sam, once again just out of frame camera left. 

Thanks for reading!

Ravi Lakhani