Sharon and Ricky's Save the Date Shoot

I love it when a client approaches me with the aim to create something 'different'. It provides a challenge, and a chance to utilize our skill set in a way that regular shoots don't. So when Ricky and Sharon asked me to create a 'save the date' card that reflected their personalities, I jumped at the chance!

After a couple of phone calls, asking them about their relationship and what they liked to do in their spare time, it became apparent that they shared a love of romantic comedies. When they came down to Leicester, we decided to recreate a couple of their favourite movie posters as well as some cute photos with a chalkboard. 

You can see the original movie poster here: The Ugly Truth

They loved the final image, however, in the end they decided to send another image that we created to print: 

Looking forward to shooting their wedding in October!