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I love my job

Meeting new couples, story-telling and delivering wedding albums make my heart go thump-thump. I'm guilty of getting emotional at almost every marriage I attend and I've made it my life's goal to be as creative as possible in everything I do.

My favourite parts of the wedding day are the morning, filled with anticipation and emotion, and the reception; when the high heels are replaced with dancing shoes. the important stuff is in the past, and you get to let loose. 

Without my wonderful, supportive fiancé, music, and the books of Haruki Murakami, I would go insane. I like dogs, collecting vintage cameras and typewriters, and tending to my many plant babies.

A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know
— Diane Arbus


I'm a wedding photographer. I take pictures of people in love.

My goal is to capture truth, passion and emotional transparency in the union of couples committed to the promise of forever. I focus on capturing the real connection between two people.

I believe that a great picture has three elements; good light, thoughtful composition, and a real moment. Everyday I strive to hone my craft. 

The best feeling is when I wake up the morning after a wedding and can barely walk; when I'm so mentally and physically exhausted that I know that there's nothing more that I could have done to work harder to capture your day.

By now you've probably seen all the galleries, so you know my style. Here's what some of my previous clients have to say about the experience:



Promises Promises

I pride myself on maintaining a high level of customer service; many of my clients come back to me time and time again and I like to think that it’s because I have a set of promises that, regardless of the scale or nature of the shoot, I always keep.

  • I use only the finest photographic equipment, both to capture your event, and in the editing process afterwards, ensuring high-quality printable and professional results.
  • I have an opaque pricing structure; no hidden costs and no hard upsells.
  • I listen carefully to your needs and, together, discuss and agree upon the photographic style for the day.
  • I won’t keep you waiting for months, your finished images will be ready for you to collect no later than 5 weeks after they have been selected.
  • At the heart of my promise to you is the confidence, through experience of both photography and post-production techniques, that I can deliver the finished product you desire.


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