My favourite Wedding and Engagement photos of 2017

So 2017 was the year of weddings for me, I shot more than I've ever shot before in a year! We try to take between 10-12 wedding bookings a year, in order to give us enough time to balance our other corporate and portrait work, but this year we shot a massive 19! This was partly down to meeting some incredible and inspiring couples that I just couldn't say no to, and also some very last minute bookings that happened to fall on dates that I was free. Here's some of my favourite wedding and engagement shots from 2017.

We were lucky enough to be asked to shoot a wedding in the Czech Republic early this year with a wonderfully expressive and extroverted couple. The wedding was very traditional and intimate, and there were lots of Czech customs that were so vastly different from the Asian weddings I'm used to shooting. 

Nieran and Dina were such a fun couple to work with that we ended up doing a second engagement shoot! There are so many photos I could include from their wedding and engagement shoot that this post could very quickly become just about them so here's a few of my favourites from the 2 pre-wedding photoshoots.

We took Raj and Roshni to London for a pre-wedding shoot, a place that they regularly enjoy visiting for meals and nights out. I'd known Raj for a while prior to being asked to shoot his wedding so it was especially nice to be asked to capture their big day! They had a lovely civil ceremony at Leicester Town Hall and a fun filled reception at 'The Candle Rooms', also in Leicester (It was particularly nice not to have to travel too far to shoot their wedding!)

There's so much more I could share here so at the risk of this becoming too long here's the final one. Gitanjali and Paras were a lovely couple, also local to Leicestershire. We shot their mendhi party at Hinckley Island Hotel (with their very own cocktails), their religious wedding at the Gurdwara and their civil and reception at Stapleford Park, a wonderful venue with tons of photo opportunities!


I couldn't include all the weddings/engagement shoots from this year here, just a few of my favourites. Getting married in 2018? Congratulations! Be sure to check out our packages here or get in touch for a chat over coffee and we can talk about your plans for the big day!

Freshers Week

So October and September were insanely busy for us - not only did we photograph our last couple of weddings of the year, shot some exciting fashion photography and some super tasty desserts, but we also shot 24 nights straight of Freshers events for Rockstar Promotions, Beastwang and Venom nightclub. Although my body may have recovered, my camera sensor has seen some truly awful sights and will likely need therapy in its later years. Here's some of my favourite shots from the period:

Woodland shoot for Watch This Space Boutique

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of once again shooting for Watch This Space Boutique. Although I brought along lights and modifiers, the day was so perfectly overcast, and the shade in the forest so soft that I decided to shoot using just the natural light again (If you've been following this blog you might sense a bit of a trend emerging). Here's some of what we produced:

We were also working alongside Vanta Productions who were filming a short video; Heather and Frank found some incredible locations for us to shoot in and were great fun to work with. Looking forward to seeing the video! 

We love working with local businesses - get in touch for a personalised quote here.

Product Shoot for Doorstep Desserts

We love working with local businesses, and some of the most interesting jobs we've taken on have been the result of personal connections forged through using small local businesses. For example, a couple of weeks ago I treated my partner to one of the mouth-watering Oreo filled waffles on sale at Doorstep Desserts. Having often stopped by to grab a scoop of their coffee gelato (thank me later) with an array of tripods and lightstands strapped to my back, the owner, Ati, was aware of my line of work. So when they needed some product photography done we were the obvious choice! Here's some of what we got up to.

Hungry yet? Visit their website here

Sunset Shoot with Sonia

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting with Sonia, modelling a dress designed and manufactured by her 13 year old sister!  Once again Eva provided wonderful assistance and did a fabulous job on the hair and make-up! Here's some of what we got up to:

Bragdate park is one of my favourite places to shoot with such a wide variety of rural locations all within a short distance from each other. Our shoots start from just £50.00 - get in touch here to book yours now!